Wonder Woman’s Link To Justice League Timeline Explained

The first trailer stunned the fans, and the second has driven home the point: Wonder Woman is on her way to the world of blockbuster movies, and there’s no stopping her from that point on. Technically, we mean, since her role in the upcoming Justice League is also set in stone acting as the ‘assembler’ of the team alongside Bruce Wayne. That pairing will spin directly out of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, with the film’s final scenes setting the stage for the exact challenges and alliances Zack Snyder is chronicling in his follow-up.

So why head backwards in time for Diana’s own solo film, shrugging off the character’s introduction in BvS to instead head over a century into the past, and the backdrop of World War I? The first trailer confirmed that the setting would tell a traditional origin story while blending elements of classical warfare and period drama – but the newly-released second trailer may have confirmed where Wonder Woman also sits within the larger DCEU timeline.

The reveal itself comes in the trailer’s opening shot, depicting Diana (Gal Gadot) strolling up to Paris’ Louvre Museum in what’s clearly the modern day – as identified by the large glass Pyramid constructed at the site in the 1980s. Those who remember every detail of BvS may suspect that this is actually the trip caught on camera by Lex Luthor’s researchers – the surveillance photographs contained in Diana’s meta human file time-stamped with a date of June 22, 2015.

Wonder Woman's Link To Justice League Timeline Explained

But when Diana gets what she’s after, take a closer look. Yes, that’s obviously the glass slide original of the photograph acquired by both Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne, depicting Wonder woman alongside her solo movie cast (bonus fact: WW viewers will get to see this photo being taken in her own film, with Zack Snyder playing the part of the photographer). But take a look at what else is visible in the frame.

We speak, of course, or the handwritten note bearing the “Wayne” company letterhead, appearing as if it has just been laid down – possibly even taken out of the briefcase moments before Diana examined the contents.

Take it as further evidence that Bruce Wayne has set aside his suspicion and paranoia, and is actually using his power and connections to not only help Diana acquire the photograph she’s been pursuing, but attain the original for her own collection.

Wonder Woman's Link To Justice League Timeline Explained

Aside from being a sweet gesture, it also cements the timeline, clearing up any confusion sure to be stirred up by the Paris surveillance photos in BvS. The background of Diana opening the briefcase seems to be in a loft apartment, suggesting Diana may simply live in Paris. Heck, given her intellect and knowledge of the ancient world, we’d even bet she works at The Louvre as her day job.

Going by the evidence – and the fact that Bruce Wayne had clearly never seen the photograph before discovering it on Lex’s decrypted servers – we can say that Wonder Woman appears to begin quite close to the wrap-up of the events of Batman V Superman. In other words, before Diana begins assembling a team of superheroes to save the world. And if you’re looking for an item or moment to dive back into her origin story, then gazing lovingly at a moment from her younger days should do it.

Stay tuned for even more extensive breakdowns of the many plot points, hints and possible spoilers in the latest Wonder Woman trailer, as more details are sure to arrive.


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