Wonder Woman Gets Hacksaw Ridge Composer

Wonder Woman Gets Hacksaw Ridge Composer

It’s easy to forget just how integral film scores are to the full cinematic experience. They’re one of those aspects of a movie that we, as viewers, just automatically expect to be there, cueing us into emotional moments and providing an overall aural motif for the film itself. In the action and superhero genres, the score provides an especially important backdrop to each film’s action-packed scenes. Imagine, for instance, Pacific Rim without the work of Ramin Djawadi, or the most recent Captain America films without Henry Jackman. Some film scores are so iconic that they solidify themselves as integral to an entire franchise, like John Williams managed to do with his score for the Star Wars films.

With the superhero genre growing bigger than ever and many highly anticipated titles looming on 2017’s horizon, it’s interesting to see who is being signed on to fully flesh out some of these enormous projects. Since scoring cannot begin until a film has finished shooting, it’s often one of the final creative fluorishes added to a film. As such, soon after completing shooting, the score for Wonder Woman is officially in the works — and now we know the composer.

In an interview with The Playlist, Rupert Gregson-Williams revealed that he will score Wonder Woman. The composer, who also composed for upcoming Mel Gibson war film Hacksaw Ridge, said Wonder Woman looks “amazing.” You can listen to one of Gregson-Williams’s pieces from Hacksaw Ridge below:

Wonder Woman Gets Hacksaw Ridge Composer

The English composer stepped onto the scene with 1998 film Urban Ghost Story, and has since gone on to compose for over 30 films, including Hotel Rwanda and Winter’s Tale. Gregson-Williams has also worked for TV programs like The Prisoner and Veep, and even dabbled in video game scoring with 2005’s Battlefield 2: Modern CombatHacksaw Ridge and Wonder Woman will provide unusually dramatic work for Gregson-Williams, whose resume also sports a number of Adam Sandler titles, along with animated pictures Bee Movie and Over the Hedge.

If his work on Hacksaw Ridge is any indication, though, it looks like Gregson-Williams is more than ready to take on an action-packed, moody film like Wonder Woman. Given the emotional undercurrent of Diana’s origin and her relationship with Steve, this film needs a composer who can balance gritty fight scenes with heartfelt dialogue. Though it’s rare these days to see a superhero film whose score stands out from the pack, perhaps Gregson-Williams will provide fans with something unforgettable. After this news, it’s only a matter of time until we see (well, hear) if the composer’s work is outstanding, or just adequate.


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