Wind River Images: Sicario Writer’s Film Stars Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch

wind river first images released Wind River Images: Sicario Writers Film Stars Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch

The past two years have been especially good for Taylor Sheridan, the screenwriter behind both last year’s Sicario and this year’s Hell or High Water. The latter film is currently on the receiving end of major critical acclaim and awards season attention, while the former received worldwide praise (despite being looked over at a number of the major awards shows), last year. Following those two, back-to-back efforts as well, Sheridan is set to cap it all off next year with Wind River: a film that stars  Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in a non-Marvel Cinematic Universe reunion.

Set to act as a kind of ending to Sheridan’s recent string of films about the American Frontier and the more ruthless areas of the country, Wind River is Sheridan’s directorial debut and follows Renner and Olsen’s characters (a veteran game tracker and FBI agent, respectively) as they work together to try and solve the recent murder on a Native American reservation. Among the obstacles in the pair’s way? The harsh winter conditions that surround them.

Wind River was recently announced to be making its world premiere at the Sundance International Film Festival early next year – and with little over a month to go until the festival, the first images from Wind River have now been released. Featuring Renner and Olsen front-and-center in all of the photos too, they tease the film’s cold, unforgiving look and the central murder mystery that brings Renner and Olsen’s characters together in the first place. Take a look for yourself at the photos below:

Sheridan has shown his skills already at making compelling and gripping crime dramas set in very specific regions and locations in the United States, and Wind River seems like just the latest addition to that. Like with many of his characters, there’s a tragedy surrounding Renner’s character that seems to act as a perfect reflection of the attitude of the people around him; specifically the Native Americans forced to live in a region that most wouldn’t be able to survive in most times, let alone when it’s covered under eight feet of snow.

All of this is coming at a very opportune time for Sheridan too, as he’s on a streak unlike almost any other filmmaker, actor, or writer in Hollywood right now. Premiering just slightly before the 2017 Academy Awards, Sheridan may be able to not only be able to continue his success with a possible warm welcome at the Sundance Film Festival, but then go on to receive a nomination and be in contention for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar just a little less than a month later. Whether or not he receives that kind of recognition though, it shouldn’t affect the excitement and hype surrounding Wind River, which is already one of the biggest films set to premiere amongst a typically-packed lineup at Sundance next month.

Wind River will premiere at the Sundance International Film Festival next year from January 19th – 29th. An official theatrical release date has not yet been set.


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