Will Forte Talks ‘MacGruber 2′ Script Status

Will Forte Talks ‘MacGruber 2′ Script  Status

Funnyman Will Forte earned himself accolades for the deft dramatic chops he unveiled in last year’s Nebraska opposite Bruce Dern, but he’ll most likely remain best known for the SNL-skit turned cult spoof of all thing’s ’80s MacGruber. The 2010 comedy directed by SNL alum Jorma Taccone has a passionate following, but despite an underwhelming box office turnout, talk of a sequel persists.

Admittedly, it’s been over two years since we last heard an update on the script for MacGruber 2, which, according to Forte’s comments at the time, ought to be done by now. Still, Forte is probably used to talking about a hypothetical sequel, a subject which invariably comes up while the actor is promoting a different movie.

Case in point, Collider recently talked with Forte about his current film, Life of Crime (based on an Elmore Leonard novel), and naturally, the talk circled around to MacGruber 2. When the ever-engaging Forte was asked if he ever tires of being asked for a status update on the sequel, he replied:

No, it’s very exciting because it means that people liked the first ‘MacGruber.’  Unless they are saying, “Are you serious about ‘Macgruber’?”

Will Forte Talks ‘MacGruber 2′ Script  Status

When told that the movie’s hardcore fans are absolutely devoted to it, Forte followed up with a glimpse at where in the writing process the script currently resides. According to the actor:

Jorma [Taccone] just sent an outline for ‘MacGruber 2.’  We had worked together on something and I had fleshed out the first act of ‘MacGruber 2.’  He took that and went nuts on the rest of it.  I’m very excited because I feel like at some point, if somebody will let us do it, then we’ll do it.  But it’s out of our hands.  But we’re writing it for sure.

Fans may have expected far more forward progress on MacGruber 2 by now, and the half-decade point since the original’s release is approaching. The original movie’s hardcore fans can’t stop asking the film’s star about it, but whether or not this translates into more widespread interest is another question.

Forte still appears genuinely enthusiastic about the sequel’s prospects, and director Taccone sounds committed to a follow-up, so as long as the public remains aware and fans remain dedicated, the chances that we’ll seen MacGruber 2 sooner rather than later are fair to good.

MacGruber 2 is currently in development. Life of Crime is currently in theaters and available on demand.


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