What if Rogue One’s K-2SO Were In EVERY TV Show and Movie?

A key element to any successful blockbuster is to have that one character unexpectedly stand out amidst all the glorious special effects and bombast that generally comes along with huge tentpole releases like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. So far, Lucasfilm and Disney’s trip back to a galaxy far, far away (and even more of a long time ago) has brought a welcome collection of new characters to the already rich Star Wars catalog. Some, like Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso and Donnie Yen‘s blind warrior Chirrut Îmwe have become early fan favorites. These are certainly fine choices in their own right, but the internet has seemingly fallen hard for another character altogether: K-2SO.

The folks at ILM brought the loveably sardonic droid to life via a motion-capture performance by the equally loveable and sarcastic Alan Tudyk. The result has been the standout character the film was likely looking for and one that brought just the right amount of wry levity to what otherwise amounts to a war film. In the days since the film’s release, K-2SO has become something of a celebrity in his own right, tempting fans who have an appropriate amount of discretionary income with his remarkably detailed Hot Toys figure, and with plenty of videos describing the character’s creation and the CGI work that went into making him not just another droid but a welcome part of the film’s ensemble cast.

Like anyone who steals the spotlight, it would seem Hollywood has come calling, meaning now is the time for K-2SO to strike out on his own and to explore other acting opportunities outside the Star Wars universe. Thanks to a new piece from Vulture, the former Security Droid has gotten his chance to stretch as an actor and to appear in some of the unlikeliest movies and TV shows imaginable, proving there’s no such thing as an enjoyable product that can’t be repackaged to within an inch of its digitally created life. Check out the posters below:

For the most part, the posters score not only for their solid Photoshop skills, but also for the way each incorporates (or humorously strains to incorporate) K-2SO into the various titles. Some, like That’s K-2SO Raven and K-2SO I Married an Axe Murderer are particularly clever, while My K-2SO-Called Life gets points for giving the droid Jordan Catalano’s luscious locks. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell K-2SO Tales might be working too hard for its own good, though.

At any rate, the posters make for a fun diversion in between the inevitable multiple screenings of Rogue One you’ll likely be having over the holidays. And hopefully, it will inspire you to look at K-2SO and wonder what other movies and TV shows he could appear in, and no doubt improve considerably.


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