Underworld 5 Director Doesn’t Like Underworld 4

Underworld 5 Director Doesn't Like Underworld 4
Underworld TV Series Moving Forward1 Underworld 5 Director Doesnt Like Underworld 4

However, she was less enamored of the fourth installment, which followed up a prequel (where Kate Beckinsale didn’t appear) with a return for the actress that moved the series’ timeline into a dystopian future setting. Explained the filmmaker:

“To me it became more like a futuristic science fiction piece and what missed for me is that balance with mythology and history were two one dimensional and clean for me. What I love about the other ones and what I love about what we’re doing right now is that they’re really interesting characters that have layers and even if it’s an actual film there is quite a lot of character stuff going on and I felt that it wasn’t quite as developed as it could have been. There’s a lot of interesting stuff; the mother daughter stuff, a lot of heavy stuff but I’m not sure if it actually worked as emotionally impactful as it could have.”

Originally a collaboration between Beckinsale and director Len Wiseman, the Underworld series is set in a world where an aristocratic class of vampires and an army of formerly-enslaved lycans (werewolves) have been fighting a secret underground war for centuries. As of the fourth film, Selene (Beckinsale) has found herself reawakened in a future where both groups are hunted by humans who have become aware of their existence; where she attempts to protect her daughter and locate her missing half-vampire/half-lycan lover Michael.

Underworld: Blood Wars opens January 6, 2017.


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