Transformers Writers Room Has Outlines For Parts 6 and 7

Transformers Writers Room Has Outlines For Parts 6 and 7
Bumblebee Movie Transformers Spinoff Transformers Writers Room Has Outlines For Parts 6 and 7

These days, it’s important for studios to have a basic idea of where they would like to go with their properties, but it’s encouraging that Paramount is not rushing anything and are open to changes. It’s an approach similar to Lucasfilm’s, as they do not know how Star Wars: Episode IX will end at this point in time. This will hopefully allow each film to be of the best quality it can be, since certain aspects and elements can be altered. The notion of wanting all the installments to relate to each other as Transformers evolves is the right one to have. Things can change quickly and frequently in the film industry, so it’s better to be prepared. A brief outline can easily be revised, but a full script would require more work to correct.

Di Bonaventura was obviously brief on Transformers 6 and didn’t mention anything in terms of plot details, but he did suggest the possibility of Transformers 6 being more of a standalone film that doesn’t necessarily have to “relate to the five before it.” According to him, that will be a debate the filmmakers have until the movie enters production as they try to determine the best course of action. The reaction to The Last Knight will probably go a long way in determining how they handle the franchise moving forward. With Transformers 6 poised to be the first main series entry not directed by Michael Bay, maybe Paramount could view it as a fresh start and a soft reboot.


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