Transformers: The Last Knight Will Explain Nicola Peltz’s Absence

Transformers: The Last Knight Will Explain Nicola Peltz’s Absence
Nicola Peltz Mark Whalberg and Stanley Tuccin in Transformers Age of Extinction Mark Wahlberg: Transformers: The Last Knight Will Explain Nicola Peltz’s Absence

What happened to his daughter?

WAHLBERG: You’ll find out in the movie.


We heard this movie takes place a little bit of time after the last one, so can you talk a little bit about where…?

WAHLBERG: They wanted it to make sense that I was older, a little slower. But yeah, you meet up with Cade now and he’s living elsewhere and he’s basically had to go on his own on the run, which is one of the reasons why, to protect his daughter and make sure that she is no longer hunted in the way that Cade is. But yeah, a loner.

Longtime fans of the franchise may not be overly distraught with Peltz not being involved for the sequel – as her character was heavily scrutinized by audiences. This is not going to be the first time that Bay has written out certain characters from a sequel, but it will be interesting to see how much attention is given to Tessa’s story in the film. Previously, Megan Fox’s departure after Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was explained in a single line of dialogue and Sam never looked back. For Cade, his relationship with Tessa is seemingly stronger than ever at the end of Age of Extinction.

Cade is a very protective father and the decision to keep Tessa away from all of this does make sense for both characters, but whether or not it will be a lingering factor in why Cade does what he does remains to be seen. He could very well be second-guessing his decision to leave his daughter throughout the movie, providing some sort of internal conflict for the character. Regardless, with a new cast of characters set to interact with Cade, it should be interesting to see how many references to Tessa and Cade’s life before finding Optimus are included.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 23, 2017. Next up is the Bumblebee spin-off film on June 8, 2018, followed by Transformers 6 on June 28, 2019.


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