Transformers: The Last Knight Features ‘A Lot More’ Full Screen IMAX

Transformers: The Last Knight Features ‘A Lot More' Full Screen IMAX
transformers imax camera michael bay Transformers: The Last Knight Features ‘A Lot More Full Screen IMAX

The Last Knight continues the story of the Autobots attempting to survive while staying hidden from a human race that has come to fear all Transformers (regardless of their alignment) and has assigned a vicious paramilitary uni to destroy them. The top-secret storyline for the film also involve Optimus Prime’s search for the Transformers’ “Creators” and the legends of King Arthur and Excalibur.

Mark Wahlberg is returning as inventor Cade Yeager from Transformers: Age of Extinction, alongside Josh Duhamel (reprising his role from earlier Transformers films) and newcomer Isabella Moner as a teenager – orphaned during The Battle of Chicago in Dark of the Moon – who is partnered with a Vespa scooter Transformer named Sqweeks. The film is set to be followed by further sequels and spin-offs (not directed by Bay), starting with a solo movie for the autobot Bumblebee.


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