Tom Holland Thinks Spider-Man Would Beat Batman in a Fight

Tom Holland Thinks Spider-Man Would Beat Batman in a Fight
Spider Man Homecoming Iron Man Tom Holland Thinks Spider Man Would Beat Batman in a Fight

While Batman and Spider-Man have never had a full-on battle in the comics, the two did famously cross paths in the 1995 comic book series Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds, by J.M. DeMatteis and Mark Bagely, which featured the superheroes’ infamous enemies Carnage and the Joker, and explored the similarities between Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne’s origin stories.

It would definitely be interesting to see Holland’s wise-cracking kid superhero go up against Affleck’s veteran vigilante, though we’re not entirely sure the youngster would be able to beat the strength and gadgetry of the Dark Knight. Still, it’s great to see an actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe take such an easy-going stance when it comes to upcoming DC movies. Perhaps if Disney and Warner Bros. could do the same, the unthinkable could happen and we might actually see Spider-Man and Batman lock horns one the big screen one day.


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