Tom Hanks Responds to Fan’s Sketchbook of His Movies

Without a doubt, one of the most instantly recognizable actors working today is Tom Hanks. For over three decades, the Oscar-winning star has not only played major roles in beloved film after beloved film, but he’s also managed to be part of projects that have defined generations as well as the culture zeitgeist of their time. Whether being part of the first computer animated film with 1995’s Toy Story or taking on an almost dialogue free portrayal of a lone man on a deserted tropical island in 2000’s Cast Away, Hanks has always delivered memorable roles.

With a resume as detailed and extensive as Hanks’, it’s inevitable that fans are going to have their own specific Tom Hanks favorite. It’s a testament to the versatility of Hanks as an actor and the roles he chooses that, along with praise for his more iconic roles, there’s never any shortage of love for his more obscure films as well. Online fan tributes to the actor are indeed numerous, but some efforts stand out a little more than others. As a matter of fact, one very talented fan has found out just how impressive her celebration of Tom Hank’s career is.

As reported by Entertainment IE, twenty-three-year old artist Denise Esposito dedicated an entire notebook filled with beautiful sketches of Tom Hanks in all of his movie roles. When she completed work on the book, she sent it to Hanks, who not only responded by meeting her in person, but also sent her a signed vintage typewriter and a personalized note. The video of Esposito’s sketches can be seen above and the text of the note reads as follows:

‘Denise Esposito, Denise Esposito, Denise Esposito… for your lovely book of sketches of – all – those MOVIES… Here is a typewriter to do with whatever you need. Make more art! And many thanks… Tom Hanks’

Naturally Esposito was shocked to receive such a response from her favorite actor, but the young Italian artist was quick to post photos of herself and Tom Hanks to her Facebook page as well as the gift and note that he sent to her. Esposito, who describes her artistic ability as “100% self-taught” has also done portraits and sketches of a variety of celebrities such as Bill Murray, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, The Beatles and even Yoda. And yet it was this notebook filled with wonderful images of Tom Hanks that has brought her some rather far-reaching recognition that she’ll never forget.

Tom Hanks Responds to Fan's Sketchbook of His Movies


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