The Predator Lands Batman V Superman Cinematographer

The Predator Lands Batman V Superman Cinematographer

When it comes to the many reboots and reimaginings of iconic franchises and properties currently in development in Hollywood right now, one of the more exciting and interesting is Shane Black’s The Predator. Coming off of the critically-acclaimed buddy cop comedy, The Nice Guys, earlier this year, Black is next set to help bring the Predator back to life on the big screen once again, in a film that he’s been understandably, very tight-lipped about. Thanks to his well-known history with classic ’80s properties though, and his own history with the Predator franchise (Black played Hawkins in the original 1987 film) , this has the makings to be one of the few modern-day reboots that could win over even the more stubborn of diehard fans.

Production on the film was originally set to begin back at the end of September, but curiously, there’s never been any confirmation on the production schedule since then, or if filming on the project has even begun yet. Following the casting of Boyd Holbrook, however, it looks like we can at least add one other name to the list of talent involved in it right now (even if the list itself remains surprisingly short).

/Film is reporting that cinematographer Larry Fong has been signed to shoot The Predator, following his most recent work on films like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and next year’s highly-anticipated, Kong: Skull Island.  In addition, the report states that the film is currently in pre-production, with principal photography set to begin in February 2017. Holbrook will indeed be playing the lead role, while Olivia Munn will head what is said to be a “strong” supporting cast.

The Predator Lands Batman V Superman Cinematographer

Like the rest of the film, not much is known about the story or plot of The Predator, only that it won’t be a reboot in the traditional sense, but will instead be more like a sequel, according to some of Black’s previous comments. While initial reports stating that the film would take place in a suburban setting were later shot down by the director also, Black has stated that the film will acknowledge the death of Dutch Schaefer’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) patrol thirty years earlier. Rumors of Schwarzenegger possibly returning for the film have been running around since it was originally announced, but no one officially attached to the project has either confirmed or denied his involvement as of yet.

Fong’s involvement should come as welcome news for fans of the franchise though, since both his visuals in Batman V Superman and even in the first two trailers for Kong: Skull Island have been on the receiving end of massive critical acclaim as of late. After getting his start with J.J. Abrams and the crew over at Bad Robot, Fong has gone on to make a name for himself as one of the go-to cinematographers for blockbuster films working today, and for good reason too. He should only help to bring a cinematic, sleek look to this reboot, which Shane Black has described as being a rated-R, scary, funny, and wondrous new take on the beloved property.


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