The LEGO Batman Movie Promo Posters & Artwork

lego batman movie poster characters The LEGO Batman Movie Promo Posters & Artwork

Upon seeing initial theatrical release in early 2014, The LEGO Movie quickly became an unprecedented box office success that went on to secure a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature and an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song for “Everything is Awesome”. Co-directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller – of 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street fame – the first movie quickly built its own dedicated fan base that responded to the movie’s self-referential, metatextual humor (constantly making reference to the fact that the entire script was built around several outstanding feature film properties and an entire line of children’s construction toy play sets).

As the first spin-off feature film production to follow Lord and Miller’s runaway animated blockbuster success story, The LEGO Batman Movie will see The LEGO Movie animation co-director Chris McKay oversee a spinoff that revolves around one of The LEGO Movie’s (superhero) standouts. Starring Will Arnett and Michael Cera as DC Comics crime fighting duo (LEGO) Batman and Robin, McKay’s LEGO spinoff is all set to become another box office heavyweight. A fresh batch of promotional posters and artwork for the film has now been released online, too.

In this new batch of posters and artwork, the irreverent spirit, fun, and art style of Lord and Miller’s The LEGO Movie is alive and well in McKay’s gleefully sardonic take on the Caped Crusader and his friends/enemies. Including several one-sheets and full cast posters that playfully mock the individual characteristics of the new movie’s specific supporting players, fans of Batman and The LEGO Movie should be pleased what’s on display here. You can check out the promotional posters and artwork in question, below:

Hearing the likes of The Hangover breakout comedy star Zach Galifanakis take on the role of The Joker should provide for a winning take on the Batman character and overarching franchise, and with any luck McKay’s tenure as a lead animator on several programs for Adult Swim will serve him well in directing The LEGO Batman Movie. Depending on how well  the movie performs at the box office, the following slate of sequels and spin-offs to The LEGO Movie should be in good shape moving forward.

Nevertheless, the fairly one-note impetuousness of The LEGO Movie may be harder to replicate in practice than it might appear in theory, and The LEGO Batman Movie will accordingly have to find new ways to mock the built-in consumerism of the film’s immediate appeal and aesthetic DNA. Either way, here’s to hoping for the very best from McKay and company when the movie reaches theaters next year.


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