The Flash’s Ezra Miller Explains the Film’s Super-Speed Effects

As the DC Extended Universe prepares for its next wave, including Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, and The Flash, Warner Bros. is hoping to adjust and create a more coherent and exciting cinematic universe. Unfortunately, at least for Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), The Flash movie hit an unexpected skid when director Rick Famuyiwa left the Scarlet Speedster standalone due to “creative differences.” Kiersey Clemons, who’s slated to play Iris West in the feature, has already expressed her concerns about the director’s departure.

Nevertheless, star Ezra Miller seems positive about the film and its continued race towards production. He even discussed the complex process of bringing Barry Allen’s superhuman speediness to life via the magic of visual effects.

In a recent interview with FOX 5 DC (via, the actor discussed his role in the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. During the chat, Miller also talked about bringing Barry Allen to life for the upcoming DCEU entry. He seemed upbeat about the movie and related the process of combining practical and computer generated effects to create his faster than light Speed Force maneuvers in the film. Apparently, the FX maestros blend together a “wide diversity of tactics of how we create these moments,” Miller said, “I don’t want to give away too much, but a lot of the Flash is his perception.”

The Flash's Ezra Miller Explains the Film's Super-Speed Effects

Perception, being what it is, is difficult concept for many folks to contextualize. Fortunately, Miller elaborated upon what he meant, saying:

“You know that moment when someone is eating and they’re talking to you because they are so excited but it’s kind of rude – and then [there’s] like a single crumb of food? And you see it in slow motion? It’s almost like your brain is sped up so it [the crumb] is slowing down. That’s a lot of what we are thinking about.”

His analogy makes the Flash and his physically implausible but amazing superheroic feats a touch more comprehensible. Obviously, Barry Allen isn’t exactly bound by the laws of traditional physics. However, the actor told FOX 5 that, on set, he and the SFX people did explore Barry Allen’s unique properties:

“We get to be like, ‘Wait, he’d be so sweaty because he’s running all the time. But, wait! He wouldn’t be sweaty at all because all the sweat would have evaporated the second it formed. You know what I mean? We just get to exist in this.”

The Flash's Ezra Miller Explains the Film's Super-Speed Effects

In order to visualize those mind-bending feats, the FX team had to construct some impressive gear as well. Miller explained the apparatus used to film some of the amazing Speed Force scenes:

“We have this enormous treadmill. I think its called a ‘tumble-lator.’ It’s 25-feet long and goes up to 45 miles per hour and its bouncy like a trampoline. It’s pretty much a dream come true. They strap me into harnesses and do all sorts of things.”

Compared to actors like Cyborg (Ray Fisher) or Aquman’s (Jason Momoa) grueling Justice League workouts, it sounds like Miller had a relatively easy time of things. However, the actor didn’t escape a regimine as easily as he’d desired. He joked:

“Sometimes, they make me run — which I was outraged! I thought playing the Flash, this is great — you can’t see him running, so this is going to be easy. But they were like, ‘No, Ezra, we need you to run.’”

Miller may have lucked out a little in the physical fitness department, but The Flash itself is unfortunately rudderless at the moment. For the sake of the DCEU and its breakneck pace, hopefully the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo outing will find its helmer before other members of the cast or crew become too apprehensive and depart the production. If Warner Bros. and DC aren’t able to find the right director before the movie’s possible start date in January, the production could be pushed back – which will likely delay its release.

It sounds like Miller and team are otherwise well-situated on the SFX side of things, though, and ready to go once the right director emerges. With a solid cast, as well as a script which the young star described as “fun,” The Flash is ready to begin its journey into the somewhat stormy waters of the DCEU. All goes well, Barry Allen and his Speed Force will blow some minds, and give fans and critics something to root for.


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