The Flash Movie Star Compares Speed Force to Star Wars’ The Force

The Flash Movie Star Compares Speed Force to Star Wars' The Force
Ezra Miller The Flash Official Concept Art The Flash Movie Star Compares Speed Force to Star Wars The Force

This is certainly an interesting way to look at the Speed Force, which fans may have gotten a brief glimpse of in the Justice League Comic-Con trailer, and looks refreshingly different from the TV show’s version of it. The comparison to The Force in Star Wars makes sense as well, in that they’re both sources of power for certain individuals, that also acts as a kind of life force throughout the entire universe.

The Flash TV series has explored the Speed Force heavily in some of its more recent episodes, first tapping into and hinting at the full power of it during the season 1 finale. Then the show went into even more of its mythology and capabilities in last season’s ‘The Runaway Dinosaur,’ which saw Barry marooned inside of the Speed Force and actually interacting with it in hope of regaining his powers. Obviously, there’s more time and space to explore these concepts and powers in a serialized TV series than there is in a two-hour film, but it seems like Miller’s excitement and interpretation of the Speed Force may factor into the DCEU’s version of it. Considering how interesting of a power source it is in the comics, this should come as welcome news for fans out there hoping to see the film dive into some of the more complicated aspects of the Scarlet Speedster’s powers.


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