Suit Up For Winter Like A Superhero

Suit Up For Winter Like A Superhero

Let’s face it — merch is half the fun of being a fan. Many love to publicize which films, comics and characters are our favorites, and will jump at any chance to do just that. Though some merch is just outright kooky, many can’t resist the urge to collect. So, all the better when a fun item comes along that has both practical and fanatical purposes.

For those who wish to blast away the cold, Minnesota-based is offering the next best thing until heat vision actually exists: winter outerwear inspired by your  favorite Marvel and DC titles. Their newest line of “FunWear” features jackets, coats, and snow pants inspired by heroes like Batman, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. While some designs are exclusively for kids and some are exclusively for adults, there are a few that are available to fans of all ages.

Some of the most clever items in this line are the “secret identity” coats, which feature a sleek, normal-seeming outer design, but are lined with a comic panel pattern featuring their inspirational character. For instance, the Batman Casual Jacket (pictured below) displays a subtle navy-gray-yellow design, then opens up to reveal a host of Batman panels.

Suit Up For Winter Like A Superhero

Suit Up For Winter Like A Superhero

Even the jacket’s product description shows that this company really knows how to marry fandom with fashion:

The dark, cold streets of Gotham City offer little shelter for a hero, but fortune favors the prepared. That’s a spot of advice that Batman has never ignored, crafting the perfectly tailored answer to any problem. From the Batmobile, right down to the Batarang, each item keeps him ahead of the game, so it’s no surprise that this themed coat carries on that tradition in stunning, undercover fashion.

Sadly, these items aren’t available immediately — though they are available for pre-order, fans will have to wait until mid-November to complete their cold-weather look. The other unfortunate thing about this line is that there don’t seem to be any adult items tailored for women, or any kids’ items marketed towards girls. This is just a ripple in the ocean of gender-exclusive geek marketing, but it’s still sad to think that there are manufacturers out there who don’t believe a girl or woman can rock Iron Man snow pants with the best of them.

This is still an awesome idea, but it would have been even better if nerds of all kinds could take part. So, if you’re looking for a really cool gift for your son or nephew this Christmas, look no further — unless, of course, it means you might bum out your daughter or niece.


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