Suicide Squad: The Flash’s Cameo Officially Released

Shared cinematic universes are all the rage in Hollywood, and with each installment, viewers expect there to be numerous connections to the larger world. This summer’s Suicide Squad was no different, as director David Ayers included multiple ties to the DC Extended Universe. One of the more noteworthy Easter eggs was a brief appearance from Ezra Miller’s Flash, who was shown apprehending Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) as the villain attempted to pull off a jewel robbery. It was just a short sequence in the final film, but it was enough to excite comic book fans.

With Suicide Squad‘s successful box office run coming to a close, Warner Bros. is gearing up for the home media release. The movie will become available on digital November 15, 2016, and to get audiences primed up, the studio is once again highlighting the colorful collection of characters in new marketing materials. A video detailing Boomerang has now been released online (watch it above), and it gives viewers a look at Barry Allen’s cameo.

The scene in question hints at the playfulness and levity Miller will bring to the DCEU, as he remarks, “No honor among thieves, eh?” with a grin before taking Boomerang into custody. Based on this and footage seen in the Justice League Comic-Con trailer, it’s becoming clear that the Flash will be one of the more lighthearted faces in the franchise, which will surely be a refreshing change-of-pace. For the most part, the DCEU has been criticized for being too dark and dour, so Miller’s upcoming performances should be appreciated.

Suicide Squad: The Flash's Cameo Officially Released

Barry Allen is described as Boomerang’s arch nemesis in the video, so it will be interesting to see if Courtney reprises the role in The Flash, which is supposedly starting production this year. As many people know, that project has hit a bit of a snag due to the departure of director Rick Famuyia. WB is on the hunt for a replacement, and regardless of who they hire, there will probably be alterations made to the script that’s in development. It would make sense for the Flash to do battle with Captain Boomerang in his solo vehicle, but that will ultimately depend on the filmmaker’s vision. There are plenty of villains from the Scarlet Speedster’s rogues gallery that could be the main foil in a movie, so time will tell who Barry ultimately goes against.

In the meantime, it’s fun to check out the brief clip of Boomerang’s encounter with the Flash from Suicide Squad. It’s an efficient way to establish a history between the two in the event they cross paths again. One would have to think that the Flash and Boomerang will see each other again soon in a future film since audiences are already familiar with the latter and seemed to enjoy Courtney’s take. It would be a shame if he didn’t factor in down the road.


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