Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut’s Gotham Skyline Easter Eggs

Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut's Gotham Skyline Easter Eggs
Suicide Squad Extended Cut Gotham skyline Suicide Squad: The Extended Cuts Gotham Skyline Easter Eggs

The Batman references can be found in a shot of the Gotham skyline immediately preceding a scene between Deadshot (played by Will Smith) and his daughter. The skyline features slight glimpses of the Gotham Chronicle building, the Gotham Telegraph building, and, perhaps most importantly, the Ace Chemicals building (which the Reddit user highlights in this image.)

The Ace Chemicals building is particularly relevant to Suicide Squad, as Joker pushes Dr. Harleen Quinzel (played by Margot Robbie) into the same vat of chemicals at the plant, cementing Quinzel’s transformation into the now infamous Harley Quinn. While small Easter eggs like the Gotham skyline obviously do not add much to the film, they do help flesh out the shared universe that is the DCEU, and reward keen eyed fans.

Ultimately, Suicide Squad‘s extended cut will not change many fans’ reactions to the film. If you liked the theater version, you will most likely appreciate the extended cut. If not, the extra 11 minutes – even with these Easter eggs – is likely not enough to change one’s outlook. An interesting question now, after the release of Batman V Superman‘s improved Ultimate Edition and Suicide Squad‘s extended cut, is whether the DCEU will continue to feature extended cuts with subsequent releases. And, perhaps more importantly, is that what fans want?


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