Suicide Squad Blu-ray TV Spot Includes New Joker Material

The third installment in the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad, just ended its North American box office run with $325 million (the film has earned $745 million worldwide). Despite the film’s unquestioned financial success, there were certainly a fair share of complaints – as indicated by the film’s meager 26% on Rotten Tomatoes (the user score was better at 66%). While Suicide Squad became yet another polarizing addition to the DCEU, one common criticism was the lack of screen time for Jared Leto’s Joker. Whether certain fans liked his portrayal or not, Leto’s less than 20 minutes of screentime seemed like a waste for one of the most iconic comic book villains of all time.

Much like the film that preceded it, Batman V SupermanSuicide Squad apparently left a lot of scenes on the cutting room floor, leading to speculation that we could see another DCEU extended cut. Sure enough, it was announced not long ago that Suicide Squad would indeed be receiving an extended cut with its Blu-ray release. While many fans are excited to see the new footage, others can’t hide their irk at having to cough up more change to possibly see a better version of the film. Still, for those that want to see more Joker, we do know that at least some of the additional 11 minutes of footage will feature the Clown Prince of Crime – some of which you can already see.

Warner Bros. has released a new Suicide Squad TV spot (above), which includes a bit more of the Joker. The quick glimpse shows Harleen Quinzel (who obviously becomes Harley Quinn) pointing a gun at Joker, as the latter calmly states, “If you weren’t so crazy I’d think you were insane” – such a Joker thing to say.

Suicide Squad Blu-ray TV Spot Includes New Joker Material

Since the Suicide Squad extended cut is only adding 11 minutes to the original film, it is hard to believe that the new footage will change anyone’s opinion of the movie. With Batman V Superman‘s extended cut, the extra 30 minutes did function to fill in some plot holes and flesh out the story – of course, those that enjoyed the theatrical cut were more likely to appreciate the Ultimate Edition. Despite Suicide Squad‘s lesser extended cut, however, there is still reason to be excited.

While the additional footage is not likely to change anyone’s thoughts of the film, there is a large cohort of fans hoping to see more of Jared Leto. After all, while his portrayal was polarizing, fans frankly did not see enough of him to make a fair judgment. Leto in the past has stated that enough Joker footage was shot for an entire solo film, so hopefully we will see a lot more of him than the tiny glimpse above.

Suicide Squad will be available in Digital HD on November 15, 2016, and physical Blu-ray on December 13, 2016, in both theatrical and extended cuts.

Source: Warner Bros. [via We Got This Covered]


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