Stephen King’s It Movie Adaptation is Done Filming

Stephen King's It Movie Adaptation is Done Filming

In the massive – and continually expanding – oeuvre of author Stephen King, there are a small few works that stand out above the rest, positioning them to enter the conversation about what might be the master of the macabre’s magnum opus. Interestingly enough, three of those books are currently making their way through the Hollywood pipeline on their way to theatrical adaptations. One of them is The Stand, King’s epic tale about a man-made virus that kicks off an almost biblical apocalypse. Another is The Dark Tower, King’s multi-book saga about gunslinger Roland Deschain’s quest to reach the titular structure.

The other book in that exalted trio preparing to head to theaters is It, a two-movie adaptation of King’s gigantic tome concerning a group of seven hard-luck friends called The Losers Club, and their quest to defeat and destroy an ancient shape-shifting monster that most commonly assumes the form of Pennywise the Clown. The best-selling novel of 1986, It was of course previously adapted into a TV miniseries back in 1990; an effort that remains well-known thanks to an iconic performance by Tim Curry as Pennywise, but was notoriously hampered by network TV content restrictions when it came to translating some of the more horrific aspects of the source material.

Armed with an R-rating and a studio budget, Mama director Andy Muschetti’s theatrical retake on It represents a chance for fans to receive a more faithful recreation of one of King’s greatest literary triumphs, this time unencumbered by broadcast censors or financial limitations. With that in mind, King devotees will be pleased to know that what is slated to be the first half of Warner Bros.’ It duology has officially finished production, as revealed by director Muschetti and his sister/producer Barbara’s Instagram accounts. The post in question – featuring an awesome Pennywise jack-in-the-box – is included below, along with a group photo of Muschetti alongside nearly all of the Losers.

And yes, it’s a wrap on #itthemovie. Thank you amazing cast and crew for this magical journey. And thank you #stephenking for giving us this tale.

A photo posted by Barbie Mus (@barbaramus) on Sep 21, 2016 at 11:10pm PDT

I’m going to miss you , losers . @jaedenwesley @jackdgrazer @finnwolfhardofficial @jeremyraytaylor @sophialillis @wyattoleff @chosenjacobs

A photo posted by Andy Muschietti (@andy_muschietti) on Sep 18, 2016 at 8:10pm PDT

Seemingly taking all of the fan support that his It re-adaptation has received to heart, Muschetti has been quite interactive with fans on Instagram throughout the entire filming process, regularly releasing neat easter eggs from the set designed to excite those familiar with King’s book. For his part, Muschetti often appears as excited about the film as anyone else, so it makes sense that he’d get a kick out of sharing his journey. For those wondering where young Mike Hanlon is in the above group shot, Muschetti later clarified that actor Chosen Jacobs had already wrapped filming prior to the photo being taken, although he is still linked to in the caption.

With the first half of Muschetti’s It now in the can, attention will soon go to the adult portion of the Losers’ story, which will presumably begin filming sometime next year. That second installment in the It tale still has yet to be assigned an official release date, although it’s hard to imagine that WB will wait too long, especially if part one cleans up at the box office next fall. In the meantime, visions of Pennywise will continue to dance in eager fans’ heads as the months tick by toward It’s arrival.

Stephen King’s It emerges from the sewer and into theaters on September 8, 2017.


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