Star Wars: Rogue One Early Reviews

Star Wars: Rogue One Early Reviews

Star Wars: Rogue One Early Reviews
Star Wars Rogue One Jyn and K 2SO Star Wars: Rogue One Early Reviews   An Entertaining Ride

/Film – Peter Sciretta

Rogue One is thrilling, an action-packed adventure in a chapter that we never imagined we would ever see on screen. It’s a fantastic trip to new worlds within a galaxy we love, adding to the mythology without having to be beholden to the Skywalker legacy as a focal point.

Deadline – Pete Hammond

Director Gareth Edwards who revitalized the Godzilla franchise , has done the same here with a rousing and wholly entertaining take that proves you don’t have to go along with the recipe in order to serve up a satisfying  meal for fans and non-fans alike.

While most are in agreement that this is another good Star Wars film, Rogue One‘s exact level of quality is up for debate. The most-commonly cited negative in the reviews were plotting and characterization (including Jyn Erso) issues, which may or may not have been the result of the film’s extensive reshoots. Even though the film overall is enjoyable, some felt the narrative wasn’t as tightly constructed as it could have been and certain members of the ensemble are interesting on the surface level without being explored further. That said, the critics agree that Edwards successfully broke Star Wars tradition with a blockbuster that moves the franchise in an exciting new direction, underscored by great set pieces and action. Of the new characters, K-2SO is the runaway MVP, as just about everyone praised Alan Tudyk’s mo-cap performance as the sarcastic droid.

Another frequent complaint by some outlets was that Rogue One is geared more towards fans than general audiences. Some reviews proclaim that the spinoff is one of the best (if not the best) Star Wars films yet, and others feel there isn’t much there for the uninitiated to latch on to. Given the size of the Star Wars fan base, this shouldn’t prove to be too big a detriment to the movie’s longterm prospects, but after The Force Awakens was criticized for arguably having one too many callbacks, it’s interesting to consider that Rogue One has the same “deficiency.” Still, from the sound of it Edwards was able to make his film stand on its own merits with a unique tone that’s an encouraging sign for future Star Wars anthologies. The consensus is that Rogue One is good and entertaining, though not perfect; and after all the rumors about reshoots, fans will be pleased to hear that.


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