Star Wars: Episode VIII Trailer May Arrive Spring 2017

Rey Gives Luke the Lightsaber Star Wars: Episode VIII Trailer May Arrive Spring 2017

Star Wars is back in a major way. Last year’s Episode VII: The Force Awakens reignited the world’s love affair with the epic space opera. After shattering domestic box office records, the homage-laden film, which lines up as the third Skywalker-oriented trilogy, proving that another generation is ready for the family’s continued adventures. Although Rogue One: A Star Wars Story won’t directly link to the story of the Skywalkers, merely link up to the back door of Episode IV: A New Hope, it is launching around the world to stellar early reviews so far.

Rogue One may be a standalone of sorts, but it should whet fans’ appetites for further adventures in the galaxy far, far away. As such, now is the perfect time to announce a time frame for some news regarding Star Wars: Episode VIII

Recently Kennedy interviewed with journalist Lizo Mzmiba (via Comic Book). In the interview, Kennedy discussed when fans might expect to finally see some footage from the long-awated sequel, saying “Pretty soon. We’re giving this [Rogue One] a little breathing room. Probably heading into spring, you’ll start to see things.” While many fans hoped to see at least a tease or two during Rogue One, it seems Lucasfilm is intent upon giving their first Anthology a chance to stand on its own two feet.

However, in Daisy Ridley’s recent interview with Empire Online, she did give some exciting early information about director Rian Johnson’s progress on the film:

“I went to go see Rian in the edit, and that was very…[makes excited noise] Rian sounds very happy. It’s very, very exciting. Rian doesn’t love showing stuff. I’ve seen bits and bobs, but he likes it to be done. So I think probably the first time I see it will be when it’s fully done. I don’t think anyone will see an early cut outside of the main editing team….”

Unfortunately, Ridley wasn’t privy to all the details about when the first trailer would arrive. She said:

“I could probably ask, but Rogue One is out in like a week, so I guess we’ll let that come out, be amazing, let people respond to that first. One step at a time! I know there’s Celebration next year. Hopefully something will be shown there? That’s speculation, by the way.”



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