Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Joins Daisy Ridley for Chaos Walking

Spider-Man's Tom Holland Joins Daisy Ridley for Chaos Walking
star wars daisy ridley tomb raider Spider Mans Tom Holland Joins Daisy Ridley for Chaos Walking

The Chaos Walking novel series embraces a number of well-trod young adult dystopia tropes, in terms of its world-building approach and story/character elements alike. That alone could be interpreted as a warning sign for the film adaptation’s commercial prospects, in a time when YA book-turned movie properties are seeing a decline in popularity (with an increasing number of YA properties flocking to TV instead). Holland and Ridley being onboard certainly won’t hurt the movie’s box office prospects though; nor is having two talented youngsters set to play the leads something that bodes poorly for Chaos Walking, on paper.

Meanwhile, behind the camera, Chaos Walking seems to be in good shape. It features an adapted script co-written by Oscar-winner Charlie Kaufman (Anomalisa) and Jamie Linden (Money Monster); not to mention, Doug Liman of The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow fame, is onboard as director. Coupled with Holland and Ridley starring, as well as the movie having some breathing room between its likely 2018-19 theatrical release date and the recent wave of YA sci-fi films (The Hunger GamesMaze Runner, Divergent), and Chaos Walking has the potential to be one YA literary franchise that successfully makes the jump to the big screen.

Chaos Walking does not have an official release date yet. We will let you know when that changes.


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