Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gets a LEGO Makeover

The first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has proven quite popular, with fans getting excited about seeing Tom Holland’s first feature-length adventure as Spider-Man. The trailer does a decent job of teasing the conflicts in the movie, while still establishing how early in his career as Spider-Man Peter Parker really is.

As positive as the reception for the trailer has been, though, one fan felt that it was missing something: LEGO bricks. Fortunately, through the power of stop-motion animation, this oversight has now been corrected and the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer can be seen in all of its blocky glory.

The Homecoming LEGO trailer was created by YouTube user Darren Taylor for his DT98Films channel, where he posts a number of other LEGO creations. The trailer uses the audio and title cuts from the official trailer, but all of the live-action sequences have been replaced by stop-motion LEGO sequences and computer-generated effects. Clay and 2D backgrounds are used in some spots to create effects or scenery pieces that weren’t possible with standard LEGO bricks, either because of the limitations of Minifig design or the sheer amount of time (and spare bricks) that would be required to build certain things (like the ship from the trailer) to scale.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gets a LEGO Makeover


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