Sony’s Animated Lin-Manuel Miranda Musical Vivo Set for 2020 Release

Sony's Animated Lin-Manuel Miranda Musical Vivo Set for 2020 Release
disney moana maui Sonys Animated Lin Manuel Miranda Musical Vivo Set for 2020 Release

Vivo is being directed by Kirk De Micco, a filmmaker who made his directorial debut on a very different sort of animated movie about non-human primates – in the form of 2008’s sci-fi/comedy Space Chimps – before he found greater critical acclaim as the co-director on DreamWorks Animation’s 2013 prehistoric family adventure, The Croods. Micco was going to return as co-director on The Croods 2 before the animated sequel was formally cancelled by DreamWorks just back in November of this year. The opportunity to work on an animated musical that boasts songs by Miranda is one that many filmmakers would no doubt like to have; which is to say, Micco is in a good position to make a solid rebound from The Croods sequel being shut-down during pre-production.

As for Miranda: those concerned that the hard-working musical superstar is pushing himself too hard right now can take comfort in knowing that he has already completed the heavy-lifting (translation: the song-writing) on Vivo, at this stage. While Miranda no doubt has additional work to do on the animated musical, he should still have enough time (and energy) to continue focusing on the many other upcoming projects – which, lest we forget, also includes Disney’s live-action The Littler Mermaid (which Miranda is helping out on) – that are currently on his plate.

Vivo opens in U.S. theaters on December 18th, 2020.


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