Shane Black’s The Predator Will Not Take Place in the Suburbs

Shane Black’s The Predator Will Not Take Place in the Suburbs

Over the years, Shane Black has tackled plenty of different projects, but through them all a buddy cop dynamic has remained. From his involvement with Lethal Weapon, to pairing up Stark and Rhodey for a good portion of Iron Man 3, or bringing Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling together as the worst private investigators in The Nice Guys, his style has found a way into the films. Outside of these dynamics, Black has also been known to do the unexpected with genre tropes.

This appeared to be something he would once again be doing with his upcoming sequel/reboot, The Predator, as well. With Boyd Holbrook in the lead, the movie reportedly has put Olivia Munn in the female lead, but that was not the most interesting thing from the report. Instead, it was additionally reported the movie would take place in the suburbs. However, the newest report says that will not be the case after all.

Collider is reporting that the initial report was misinformed and that Holbrook and Munn’s characters will not be encountering a Predator in suburbia, but instead a still unknown setting. While they were not able to reveal the true location of the film, knowing that the sequel will not take place in the suburbs should help some cautionary fans be at ease with Black and his direction for the film.

Shane Black’s The Predator Will Not Take Place in the Suburbs

Moving the Predator to the suburbs does seem like something that Black would do since it would take it out of its element, but audiences have seemingly already seen the basis of this in Predators. There is certainly a chance that Black could have pulled this off it were true, but instead fans should expect a more natural locale for the cast of characters and the alien hunter.

The location of the film is not the only thing that continues to remain a secret, as almost no plot details have yet been revealed. With the exception of small character details for Holbrook and Munn, how the two are involved and come into contact with a Predator continues to be a secret for fans. However, Black has recently teased the funny yet scary take he has planned for the R-rated sequel, and with production set to begin in early 2017 on The Predator, some sort of details should be made official in the coming months. But for now, fans can rest assured that Predator will not be making his way through the suburbs anytime soon.


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