Sesame Street Movie Back In Development At Warner Bros

Sesame Street Movie Back In Development At Warner Bros

Director and producer Shawn Levy is seeing his already powerful Hollywood brand rise considerably right now, being one of the producers behind the acclaimed sci-fi movie Arrival and the popular Netflix TV series Stranger Things. Levy is also set to direct the Uncharted video game movie adaptation for Sony and is expected to return as one of the main directors on Stranger Things‘ second season (which is now in production).

The filmmaker is perhaps best known as the creative force behind hit family movies like the Night at the Museum film trilogy and Cheaper by the Dozen, in addition to the boxing robots flick, Real Steel. Levy is now the producer behind another family-friendly property: a new movie adaptation of the TV show, Sesame Street.

Previously at Twentieth Century Fox, the project (which does not have a title or confirmed creative team announced at this time) has now moved to Warner Bros. When we interviewed him for Arrival, Levy talked about the status of the new Sesame Street film and his vision for the project:

“Sesame Street is at Warner Bros, and we are right now working on a treatment for what I think is going to be a really imnaginative and entertaining take on that beloved and decades old global brand. The trick there is to honor these characters that are beloved but in a movie that feels entertaining for the kids who we might bring to the movie but humorous on that second level for those parents who bring their kids. It’s early – we’re still at the treatment stage, but very bullish on that.”

Sesame Street Movie Back In Development At Warner Bros

Created in 1969 by Childrens Television Workshop and Jim Henson, the landmark public television series (which now airs its new episodes on HBO) is set primarily in a downtown street in an unnamed city populated by humans, talking animals and other characters. Some of Sesame Street’s residents are portrayed by actors, while others are brought to life by elaborate puppets. Intersped with educational and musical vignettes, these characters have adventures that are meant to reinforce civic and academic lessons in young children.

The first Sesame Street film, Follow That Bird, was released in 1985. Mainly built around the popular character Big Bird, the movie is a road trip comedy that features various characters embarking on a journey to locate and rescue the large but childlike bird – who has been taken away by an older (and bigoted0 bird who believes he shouldn’t be raised by non-birds. A second film, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, was released in 1999. There’s been no indication yet as to what format or storyline the new film will follow, nor which characters from the TV series might appear.

Check back with Screen Rant for more details on the Sesame Street movie as they arrive.


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