Scarlett Johansson unleashes her powers in first tease for GHOST IN THE SHELL

Scarlett Johansson has proved time and time again that she can draw a crowd, which is exactly what Paramount is hoping for with Ghost in the Shell. Set to open in theaters next year and directed by Rupert Sanders, the live-action adaptation follows the story of the popular manga series. The marketing push for the film has not yet kicked into high gear, but that all changes this weekend for those waiting for the full trailer following the five previous Ghost in the Shell teasers.

Paramount Pictures is hosting an exclusive trailer launch party this weekend in Tokyo, the home of Ghost in the Shell, and we’re heading there to watch alongside director Rupert Sanders and stars Scarlett Johansson and Takeshi Kitano.

To announce the trailer reveal, which occurs this weekend on Sunday, November 13th, Paramount shared a teaser with us this morning that showcases the stylized action sequences we can expect from Major Motoko Kusanagi (Johansson) which features only a brief glimpse at some of the abilities of the protagonist. As a cybernetic law enforcer, Major has super strength and cloaking abilities and you can expect to see much of that in the full trailer next week.

Scarlett Johansson unleashes her powers in first tease for GHOST IN THE SHELL

The trailer preview itself continues an intriguing marketing strategy so far by only showing snipits of footage instead of any extended looks. Despite the non-conventional approach they have taken so far, it appears to be working with favorable reactions continueing to pop up. The six glimpses at Ghost in the Shell have done little to show the story that will be told, instead focusing on the visuals and making sure audiences see plenty of Johansson.

Having the trailer premiere event in Tokyo is sure to draw a crowd locally, but anyone else interested in seeing the trailer will have to hope Paramount releases it online shortly after debuting it. Having this announcement and the big event itself should point to the trailer being officially released online quickly.

Based on the footage that has so far been shown, the full trailer should continue to produce interesting visual moments, but hopefully also exploring the story of the film and more of the supporting cast. There are plenty of cast members that have yet to have been shown and a full trailer should give them enough time to flesh out the story and the supporting cast, while still allowing Johansson to take center stage.

Ghost in the Shell will open in U.S. theaters on March 31, 2017.


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