Ryan Reynolds Wants A Deadpool & Wolverine Movie

Ryan Reynolds Wants A Deadpool & Wolverine Movie
Wolverine vs Deadpool Video Game Ryan Reynolds Wants A Deadpool & Wolverine Movie

With both Deadpool and Wolverine being such fan-favorite characters, bringing the two together could (in theory) give rise to a massive blockbuster hit, with the crossover film likely to do solid business at the box office – perhaps all the more so, should it be granted an R Rating. The two characters have been featured together in iterations of Marvel comic books and video games on multiple occasions now, so the back catalogue of storylines and source material is right there for the taking.

Of course, bringing Jackman back to play Wolverine again after Logan is released could be simply seen as a cash grab, what with Logan being marketed heavily around the idea that it’s Jackman’s swan song as his famous X-Men character. There’s also always the risk that a such collaborative movie would turn out for the worst too – though there’s little reason for either Reynolds or Jackman to put their names on a script that they didn’t think would light the world on fire.


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