Ryan Reynolds’ Favorite Deadpool Line Was Cut

Ryan Reynolds' Favorite Deadpool Line Was Cut
Deadpool Movie Green Lantern Joke Ryan Reynolds Favorite Deadpool Line Was Cut

Here’s hoping Blind Al will be back for the sequel, as she’s long served as a comedic foil and friend to Deadpool in the comics. Her presence in the movie and Leslie Uggams’ chemistry with Reynolds were just some of the many highlights of the R-rated action romp. The other perfect example of how the film stayed true to the comic book tone of its protaganist was in his interactions with Miller’s character Weasel. Both actors seemed to have a lot of fun on set, and Reynolds had some choice words to say about his costar’s comedic prowess.

“In between takes I’m just looking at them and I’m trying different ones. I do improv but it’s nowhere near the caliber of  T.J. Miller. His mouth should be in the Smithsonian. The rest of him is garbage. But his mouth is truly unbelievable.”

It’s hard to imagine both Uggams and Miller not returning for the sequel, especially as the team behind the movie have stated they want to continue to keep Wade’s story intimate. While it would certainly be fun to watch Deadpool try to stop an alien invasion or kill everyone in the Marvel Universe, his tales always work better when they focus on smaller stakes and let his interactions with others (and the audience) shine through. While we wait to see how the sophomore effort fares, we’ll keep you posted as news about Deadpool 2 emerges.


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