Rumor: Zack Snyder Won’t Return to Direct Justice League 2

Rumor: Zack Snyder Won't Return to Direct Justice League 2
zack snyder batsignal justice league Rumor: Zack Snyder Wont Return to Direct Justice League 2

While nothing official has been announced regarding Snyder and his fate within the DCEU, it wouldn’t be surprising if he chose to step away. Having now spent several years working in the DCEU, Snyder might simply be ready to try his hand at something different. Moreover, Snyder has been working on The Last Photograph since 2007; if he sees a window of opportunity to get it made soon, it also makes sense that he’d take that now, DCEU notwithstanding. Half a decade of focusing on the DCEU is a long time to push your passion projects to the side, after all.

Given what we know—that Justice League 2 is delayed, that some fans to want him off the DCEU, and that there’s a window of opportunity for him to get a passion project off the ground—there’s a reasonable chance that Snyder won’t go back to the DCEU as director, by the time Justice League 2 is ready to production. This wouldn’t be a bad move for anyone involved. For WB, bringing in some new blood would allow it to move beyond the criticisms of Snyder and let another filmmaker put their spin on Justice League. For Snyder, it would allow him to work elsewhere, having seen a trilogy of DCEU movies through to the end.


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