Rogue One Tracking for $120-$150 Million Opening Weekend

Rogue One Tracking for $120-$150 Million Opening Weekend
Star Wars Rogue One Jyn and K 2SO Star Wars: Rogue One Tracking for $120 $150 Million Opening Weekend

This tracking is not surprising given previously reported projections for the film’s worldwide opening weekend topping $300 million, but this is far from a definitive range. The embargo on reviews for Rogue One was lifted earlier today and with reactions on the positive side of the spectrum, the good buzz could drive more people to the theaters this weekend. With this tracking being posted just hours after the embargo’s end, there is still plenty of time for the desire to see the movie rise amongst more casual fans.

Then again, this could be a reason why the projections are so wildly different just days before its release. Outside of the impact of reviews, it is nearly impossible to project repeat viewings in the opening weekend. Star Wars fans are as passionate as they come and if general audiences agree with critics, an increase in multiple viewings is not out of the question. No matter where Rogue One’s opening weekend ultimately hits, it should be the second-best opening for a Star Wars film ever and help the studio feel confident in continuing to tell similar anthology stories.


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