Rogue One Critics TV Spot & IMAX Featurette Released

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012, their plan was to make new Star Wars movies an annual occurrence. That initiative truly begins to take shape this week with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first in what the studio hopes to be a long line of anthology films to complement the saga episodes. Based on the most recent box office projections, Rogue One is poised to be another commercial hit for the Mouse House, and it is already a critical success. The first wave of professional reviews were mostly positive, with pundits praising the spectacle and filmmaking approach. Rogue One definitely has some noticeable flaws, but the final product overall has proven to be enjoyable.

After the movie’s tumultuous journey to the big screen, Lucasfilm has to be thrilled that the word-of-mouth is this strong. As a result, they’ve unsurprisingly started to integrate Rogue One‘s reception into the marketing campaign. Yet another TV spot has now made its way online, highlighting select pull quotes to appeal to casual moviegoers who are still on the fence about whether or not they want to see Rogue One. You can watch it above.

Much has been made about Rogue One‘s embracing of the tone and aesthetic of a gritty war picture, so those turned off by that notion will be pleased to hear that the movie still maintains the sense of thrilling fun that has become synonymous with the franchise. Much like last year’s The Force Awakens, some critics believe that Rogue One does a great job of balancing the new and familiar elements, creating a refreshing blend that will appeal to a wide demographic. Based on the pre-sale figures, many viewers have already been sold on Rogue One, so these clips serve as icing on the cake.

Rogue One is of course playing in IMAX locations, and if the footage shown in all the advertising materials is any indication, then a premium ticket will definitely be worth the price. Star Wars has always delivered visually stunning set pieces, but Rogue One looks to kick things up to another level with first-person X-wing combat and a sense of scale that’s in line with director Gareth Edwards’ earlier works. A new IMAX featurette (which you can watch above) contains sound bites from Edwards and members of the cast explaining the undisputed value of seeing Rogue One in IMAX and what the format adds to the experience. In particular, Edwards has some interesting quotes about the film’s development and how the team designed the look of Rogue One so it was maximized for IMAX.

It won’t be much longer now until general moviegoers can witness Rogue One for themselves and decide where it falls on the Star Wars spectrum. Even though it doesn’t continue the Skywalker family saga, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about the spinoff and what it means for the franchise as a whole moving forward. There’s a chance standalones are the future of the property, so Lucasfilm couldn’t have asked for a better start to their self-proclaimed experiment.


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