Red Hood Fan-Film: Robin V Jason Todd

Of all the available properties in the DC Comics’ library, there is something inherently cinematic about the world of Batman. Whether you love or hate Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, most agree that the scenes featuring the Dark Knight in action are some of the movie’s strongest scenes. However, as most comic fans know, his universe has much more depth and story possibilities than has been seen thus far in the developing DC Extended Universe.

Next year, we will get another small glimpse into Batman’s world in the Justice League, with the addition of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and even the Bat-signal. However, until Ben Affleck releases his much anticipated Batman solo film, we won’t get a look at many of the superhero’s iconic supporting characters for years to come.

Fortunately, that’s what they made fan films for and the newest from Tenshun Studios is worth your attention. They recently debuted Red Hood: The Series and the first episode, “Homecoming”, depicts a brutal showdown between two titans of Gotham. In the short, Robin (James Matthew Fuller) encounters the mysterious villain Red Hood (Cali Parrish) when he returns to the city seeking retribution from Batman and his allies.

Red Hood Fan-Film: Robin V Jason Todd

The Red Hood has been one of Batman’s more notable villains in recent comic book history. He’s actually the second Robin, Jason Todd, who was thought to be murdered at the hands of the Joker. The character represents Bruce Wayne’s greatest failure as a crime fighter and Todd’s ghoulish reappearance is ripe material for a big-screen treatment one day. In fact, the beginnings of his story even looms over this year’s Dawn of Justice, with the fallen Robin’s costume on display in the Batcave, with the taunt, “Ha Ha Ha. The joke’s on you” spray-painted across the chest.

The first episode of this fan-made web series manages to scratch the surface of the Red Hood conflict, without spelling it all the way out. It would be interesting to know how many episodes are planned, so we can get a scope of the full story as well. While the production values are constrained, director Wayne Ten does manage to pull off some cinematic shots, as well as stage some fun action scenes with what is afforded.

It’s unclear if future episodes will feature Batman himself. However, it will be enjoyable to watch this new version of Gotham unfold regardless. Particularly if it follows Red Hood taking out the Bat family one-by-one, episode-by-episode, until he reaches the final boss battle in the Dark Knight for the finale. Sounds like the perfect way to spend some time until The Batman returns to theaters.


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