Power Rangers Toys: Red Ranger T-Rex Zord Revealed

Fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise remain sharply divided over the new film based on the series, which has surprised longtime aficionados of the franchise with costumes and design choices that diverge sharply from the original versions and a trailer emphasizing a dark, downbeat tone rather than the colorful action-comedic aesthetic traditionally associated with the franchise. In comparison, the original was largely created using repurposed action-footage from the long-running Japanese Super Sentai children’s series.

In addition to redesigning the Power Rangers’ suits and overhauling the franchise’s tone, the upcoming film will feature new verisions of other classic paraphenalia. Now, a set of toys offers fans a first look at the movie version of the Rangers’ famous Zord vehicles.

Presented alongside a 2-inch Red Ranger action figure for scale, the reveal on the Ranger Nation website shows off the toy version of the vehicle described as the “T-Rex Battle Zord.” The toy is depicted with a large canon attached to its back and accompanying text indicating stating this version can be transformed and combined with the other Rangers’ Zords (Triceratops, Pteradactyl, Mastodon and Sabre Tooth Tiger) to form the singular Megazord, a feature that was also associated with the original series.

Power Rangers Toys: Red Ranger T-Rex Zord Revealed

Assuming that the T-Rex is representative of the design philosophy informing the other Zord vehicles, they appear to be in keeping with the new aesthetic that informed the Rangers previously-revealed new armored costumes. Whereas the Zords of the original series were largely designed to resemble bulky dinosaur-shaped robots made from rigid geometric shapes and were depicted via puppetry and stuntmen in costumes, the movie versions look to resemble the sleek “organic metal” look of the live-action Transformers movies and will likely be realized mainly through computer animation.

The site (which promises to debut in full on November 20) also shows off a toy version of the previously-revealed Red Ranger Sword and closer look at the movie’s Power Morpher and Power Coin transformation devices, which share the same reimagined aesthetic as the Rangers and their Zords. Left unsaid is whether we will also meet the “full” versions of characters like Bryan Cranston’s Zordon, Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa or any of the film’s expected monsters and evil minions in toy form before they appear in trailers or in the finished film. The teaser trailer released earlier this month offered fans their first look at the new cast, but little in the way of major setpieces.


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