Power Rangers Movie Zords Toyline Revealed

Power Rangers Movie Zords Toyline Revealed

Merchandise has always been a key component of the Power Rangers brand and none more so than the toy versions of the Zords: the giant robots/colossal assault vehicles (each one designed after a specific creature or animal) that are piloted by the Rangers, when they do battle with giant monsters attacking Earth. It’s perhaps fitting then that the first proper looks at the Zords from next year’s Power Rangers – a big screen reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series – have thus far come from photos of tie-in toys for the film, as opposed to other forms of marketing (such as, the official Power Rangers trailer).

Lionsgate/Saban previously released a series of Power Rangers movie posters that feature the individual Rangers atop their Zords. Nevertheless, it’s through photos of the movie’s toyline that we’ve gotten our first full look at not only the film’s design for the T-Rex Zord, but also the reboot’s version of the Megazord: the battle robot that is formed when the Rangers combine all of their individual Zords together. The toys for all five Zords in the Power Rangers reboot have now been revealed, too.

You can check out the photo of the Power Rangers movie Zords toyline (which was posted online through the official Power Rangers Now Twitter account), below:

Power Rangers Movie Zords Toyline Revealed

This photo offers another look at the design for the Red Ranger’s T-Rex Zord from Power Rangers, in addition to the Yellow Ranger’s Saber-Tooth Tiger Lord, the Blue Ranger’s Triceratops Zord, the Pink Ranger’s Pterodactyl Zord and the Black Ranger’s Mastodon Zord. By and large, the Zords have a more (for lack of a better description) alien look to them here than they have in previous iterations of Power Rangers. This is in keeping with the general aesthetic of the Power Rangers reboot, as everything from the Rangers’ redesigned costumes to the new appearance of their nemesis Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) give off a more distinct extraterrestrial vibe.

The most curious element here, as far as the Zords’ designs are concerned, is arguably that of the Mastodon Zord – which, assuming it is still a Mastodon (see its “tusks”), now has eight legs instead of four. It’s possible that a reason for the change in design will be provided in the actual Power Rangers movie, as an extension of the film’s new version of the Mighty Morphin mythos. The change could also be solely cosmetic in nature though, or meant to call further attention to the alien origin of the Rangers’ technology and battle equipment/gear.


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