Power Rangers Movie Toy Reveals First Look At 2017 Megazord

Power Rangers Movie Toy Reveals First Look At 2017 Megazord

The producers of the new Power Rangers movie had promised that the film would be a brand new take on the long-running children’s action-adventure franchise, and have thus far delivered – with costumes, weapons, villains, and Zords all thus far revealed to be major departures from their TV origins despite character names and the basic storyline corresponding to the original 1990s “Mighty Morphin’” incarnation of the franchise.

Now, the official Power Rangers Twitter has revealed the new Megazord in toy form – and as expected, it looks like no variation on the concept fans have seen before.

Posted late Friday night to social media, the image shows an action figure version of the Megazord similar to the earlier reveal of the Red Ranger’s individual T-Rex Zord. It’s described as an “interactive” version of the toy, and is advertized to come with all five Power Rangers (presumably in miniature toy form.)

The toy appears to be a singular figure representing the Megazord in its combined form, as opposed to being a combination of the five individual Battle Zord vehicles. Traditionally, “Megazords” in the Power Rangers’ universe are humanoid giant robots created by joining the Rangers’ individual animal-themed Zords together. Supposedly this new version is comprised of dinosaur and prehistoric-animal themed Zords as in the original series, though they clearly merge in an entirely different way.

Usually, that fusion leaves more visible evidence of the component parts visible, but this version looks to be more subtle; with only a pair of claws on the upper thighs and the wings looking obviously reminiscent of a prior separate robot. Also unclear is where the humanlike limbs originate from, as they look to be made of a more flexible material than the Zords have looked thus far.


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