Power Rangers: First Look at Alpha 5 Revealed

Power Rangers: First Look at Alpha 5 Revealed

Power Rangers: First Look at Alpha 5 Revealed
power rangers movie 2017 alpha 5 Power Rangers: First Look at Alpha 5 Revealed

Alpha 5, like the Rangers’ costumes in the movie reboot, is getting a sleeker makeover in Power Rangers – one that’s a far cry from the TV budget-level look (read: plastic and cheaper) of his predecessor from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show and its many sequel series. The character does have the same general color scheme as his predecessor, only with darker hues of red, blue and silver; again, similar to the Rangers’ outfits when compared to their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers iteration.

By and large then, Alpha 5’s design is in keeping with the now-established aesthetic for this Power Rangers movie: the same as before but shinier and more “alien-like”, with a few noticeable tweaks (see Alpha’s lightbulb eyes). “More alien” would be the best and most succinct way of describing Power Rangers‘ aesthetic, when it comes to the film’s modifications to the original designs of such elements as the Rangers’ costumes, Alpha 5, the Power Coins, and the Rangers’ Zords/Megazords. That should also hold true for Zordon’s appearance in the film – something that ought to be the next big Power Rangers reveal on the horizon.

As for whether Zordon’s robo-friend Alpha 5 will have the same comically neurotic personality as he traditionally has: like the rest of the Power Rangers mythos, it should still be present (especially seeing as Harder is the one providing the vocals), if comparatively subdued in the movie reboot.


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