Pacific Rim 2, Godzilla 2 & Pokemon Live-Action Film Get New Titles

Pacific Rim 2, Godzilla 2 & Pokemon Live-Action Film Get New Titles
Godzilla and Pacific Rim and Pikachu Pacific Rim 2, Godzilla 2 & Pokemon Live Action Film Get New Titles

The changes coming at this point should not be any cause for concern, but instead potentially point to what each movie will revolve around. The only film among this group that got an official re-titling was Pacific Rim 2 as it was previously called Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. Now that it is Pacific Rim: Uprising, it could potentially point to John Boyega’s character leading an some sort of uprising of his own. However, what is more likely to be the case is hinting towards another monster rising up to unleash mayhem on Earth.

While there is some potential for speculation with UprisingPokemon’s Detective Pikachu and Godzilla:King of Monsters leave little room for that. The Pokemon title is hardly a surprise as previous reports pointed towards Detective Pikachu being the focus of the story, while King of Monsters will just reassure Godzilla fans that he will have plenty of monsters to fight next time around and also remind everyone how his past battles have faired. Only Uprising is currently in production, and it could be a few more years before either of the other properties make it to theaters.


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