Pacific Rim 2 Cast Adds Emerald City’s Adria Arjona

Pacific Rim 2 Cast Adds Emerald City's Adria Arjona

Without the brand recognition of a Transformers film, Pacific Rim did not perform up to expectations at the United States box office. Fortunately, the international community loved the film, which pitted giant robots (with rocket elbows) against Godzilla-sized monsters for the fate of the world. This helped the film turn a profit, which has led to the now-in-development sequel, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. While Guillermo Del Toro directed and co-wrote the first film, Daredevil season 1 showrunner, Steven S. DeKnight, will be taking the reins for the follow-up. The plot of the film is still a mystery, as Del Toro’s original vision has apparently been altered in wake of the project changing hands. It is expected to be a direct sequel and to feature the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first film.

With pre-production of the sequel well underway, casting announcements have been coming in hot and fast recently. Following the score of the up-and-coming John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), the film has since cast Scott Eastwood (Gran Torino), singer Cailee Spaeny, and Jing Tian (The Great Wall), and Levi Meaden (Aftermath). It was recently revealed that the previous film’s star, Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), would not return for the sequel due to scheduling conflicts.

Deadline is now reporting that Adria Arjona (True Detective) will join the cast as well. Like most of the roles in the film so far, mum’s the word on what her role will entail.

Pacific Rim 2 Cast Adds Emerald City's Adria Arjona

Despite Arjona’s short time as an actress, her star is quickly rising. She is set to star as Dorthy Gale in the upcoming television Wizard of Oz adaptation, Emerald City. She will also appear in the James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) produced horror film, The Belko Experiment, and the 2018 Melissa McCarthy film, The Life of the Party.

It seems like, rather than casting already huge actors, the Pacific Rim sequel is looking for ones whose popularity may be on the verge of exploding. This likely assists in keeping costs down for a still unproven franchise, and adding the benefit of potentially riding in on a wave of newfound popularity.

For those fans of Arjona’s previous work, let us know what you think of her inclusion in the Pacific Rim universe, and stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the production of Maelstrom as they hit.

Pacific Rim: Maelstrom beings production in Australia in November 2016, and the film hits theaters February 23, 2018.


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