New Wonder Woman Banner Featured at CCXP 2016

Wonder Woman movie poster power theme New Wonder Woman Banner Featured at CCXP 2016

So far, Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe has gotten off to a bumpy start. With a soft launch in 2013’s Man of Steel, the DCEU officially kicked off with this year’s release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice from director Zack Snyder, and continued with David Ayer’s villain team-up flick Suicide Squad. While Man of Steel was met with middling reviews, both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were largely disliked by critics and divisive among fans. The 2016 releases have seen improved reception thanks to the former’s Ultimate Edition and the latter’s Extended Cut, but many have looked to Warner Bros’ upcoming DCEU release in order to gauge the direction of the cinematic superhero universe.

After making her debut in Batman V Superman, Gal Gadot will lead the solo film Wonder Woman as Princess Diana of Themyscira. Warner Bros released the first trailer for Wonder Woman at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego — and it was met with a largely positive response — while the second teaser arrived a few weeks ago. However, with more than six months left until release, fans can expect plenty more in the way of promotion for Wonder Woman from Warner Bros — including materials from other comic conventions around the world.

This weekend, Warner Bros debuted a new banner for Wonder Woman at Comic Con Experience 2016 in Brazil. Fans could pose in front of the banner with a version of the hero’s Amazonian shield as seen in the latest trailer for Wonder Woman. Take a look at a photo of one fan posing with the banner as released by WB Pictures Brasil:

Wonder Woman will follow the titular hero through the story of how she left her home of Themyscira after a man named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash landed nearby and informed her of “the war to end all wars” — what we now call World War I. Although little has been revealed about the villains of the film (it’s been theorized Danny Huston’s character may be Ares, the god of war, but that is so far unconfirmed), Wonder Woman‘s trailers have been successful in generating positive buzz for the film, which fans likely hope will lead to a positive reception once the movie hits theaters.

Wonder Woman was directed by Patty Jenkins from a script penned by comic and TV scribe Allan Heinberg and Geoff Johns — the latter of which was placed in charge of the DCEU by Warner Bros. Following the releases this year, Wonder Woman will be the fourth film in the DCEU and it is perhaps the first chance fans will get to see of Warner Bros’ attempts to steer the universe in a more critically well received direction. Of course, what that means for the final film remains to be seen, but until Wonder Woman’s June 2017 release, fans can expect plenty more of Diana Prince as Warner Bros ramps up its promotion of the upcoming DCEU entry.


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