New Spider-Man: Homecoming Banner Spotted

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Banner Spotted
Spider man Homecoming New Spider Man: Homecoming Banner Spotted

Some of you may notice an odd inconsistency in this image: the Marvel logo. At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Marvel unveiled a new logo for the studio that had a more polished metal effect, which made its movie debut with Doctor Strange. This banner, however, uses the old, red-and-white, sans-Studios version. While this is at first glance odd, it’s most likely a necessary decision due to the Sony deal: as they’re producing the film, it can’t be claimed under the Marvel Studios banner.

That legal quirk aside, it’s a very nice banner and one that hints towards promising things. Marvel posters can often fall a bit on the generic side, but there’s a stripped back simplicity to this banner and the film’s logo. That hopefully means that when the Homecoming marketing campaign kicks off proper, it will have a more distinct style than what some MCU fans have come to expect.


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