New Power Rangers Image Reveals Rita Repulsa’s Staff

New Power Rangers Image Reveals Rita Repulsa's Staff
power rangers 2017 rita staff New Power Rangers Image Reveals Rita Repulsas Staff

Above, we have a drastically-modernized version of the Rita Repulsa character, decked out in an eye-catching emerald green outfit and holding her mystical staff across her neck, whilst staring right down the camera. It’s a photo that sees her immediately assert her dominance, as she continues to prove she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with when up against the new Rangers team.

This will be Banks’ biggest movie role since her wrapping up on The Hunger Games series as Effie Trinket. It’s going to be interesting to see just how fans take to the actress as the character, with Banks having already confirmed that a new backstory is in place for Repulsa. The villain may not have a set-in-stone role yet for the new Power Rangers outing, but it’s now obvious she’s going to be the main driving force against the group of outcast teenagers.

For many, modernizing the world of the Power Rangers was something that needed to happen if the franchise was ever going to succeed again. From what we’ve seen so far, that certainly seems to be what Lionsgate and the crew behind the flick are going for, with Repulsa’s new look perhaps the biggest example of that so far.

Of course, whenever a character is dramatically changed from the way they were originally presented upon their conception, there’s the chance a core group of fans could scupper the movie company’s chances of success. If a majority of purists decide that the original Rita Repulsa would have served the movie better, there’s no telling just how the film’s box office takings could be affected (if at all, admittedly).


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