Mortal Kombat Movies Get an Honest Trailer

Video game movies have had a long and uphill road to finding legitimacy over the years. For decades, studios have been trying to figure out the puzzle of taking million dollar properties from consoles to the big screen. There is a literal graveyard of failed attempts with fans of Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon, and Warcraft, wondering why Hollywood can’t get it right.

There has yet to be a movie that truly galvanizes audiences, or one that has found significant success. (One of the biggest anomalies was this year’s The Angry Birds Movie, however that was an animated feature.) The video game movie genre had perhaps its largest win in 1995, with the adaptation of Mortal KombatThe B-movie adventure had a $23 million dollar domestic opening, while going on to gross over $120 million dollars worldwide. However that doesn’t mean the movie didn’t have its share of flaws.

This week’s release of Assassin’s Creed is the video game movie genre’s latest attempt at cinematic acceptance. It seems that the adaptation is having the same issues as its predecessors, with an early reaction from critics that is hard to qualify as positive. Just in time to distract us from further disappointment, the Emmy-nominated Screen Junkies is taking a look back at the high point for the genre with an Honest Trailer for Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat Movies Get an Honest Trailer


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