Moana Breaks Tuesday Box Office Record With $2.6 Million

Moana Breaks Tuesday Box Office Record With $2.6 Million
moana maui clips tv spots Moana Breaks Tuesday Box Office Record With $2.6 Million

It is perhaps a sign that audiences do still appreciate this side of Disney; the original animated movies that rely upon a tried and tested formula with just enough tweaks and twists to make each one fresh and fun. Like Frozen, Moana introduces a strong female presence, this time in the form of young Moana, who has no love interest in the movie and is instead focusing on being the chosen leader of her island. She also, refreshingly, has a healthy and strong physique that is much more in keeping with a young explorer than the figures animators have traditionally given to their princesses.

It seems as though Disney have once again managed to deliver an animated movie that will capture the imaginations (and wallets) of many. Though Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Doctor Strange are both performing well at the box office, Moana is more inclusive than either of these, which both carry a PG-13 rating. Its PG certificate is more family friendly, and of course, if families with young children are going to see a movie over a holiday weekend, then they’re more likely to pick a Disney movie over any of the other films on offer this weekend.


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