Michael Fassbender Contrasts Assassin’s Creed & Star Wars

Michael Fassbender Contrasts Assassin's Creed & Star Wars
Assassins Creed poster excerpt Michael Fassbender Contrasts Assassins Creed & Star Wars

While there are probably not that many people that were expecting Assassin’s Creed to be anything like Star Wars, the morally ambiguous characters could make for exciting drama within the action adventure film. And Fassbender is not wrong, viewers tend to get behind characters that are not squeaky clean – Dexter Morgan and Walter White are two from television. As for playing something of an anti-hero, Fassbender has some experience in that realm. The actor may be best known for his turn as Charles Xavier’s on-again, off-again friend, Magneto, in the X-Men prequel trilogy.

The video game series on which Assassin’s Creed is based, is one of the highest selling gaming franchises, ever. Of course, as previously noted, this fact alone has never translated to massive success at the box office. Other high selling franchises like Speed Racer, Tomb Raider, and Prince of Persia all had trouble translating their success to the big screen. Still, with the ever growing international box office and, perhaps, more layered characters, Assassin’s Creed could defy history.

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