Max Landis Responds to ‘Lax Mandis’ Black List Script

Max Landis Responds to 'Lax Mandis' Black List Script
dirk gently preview cast elijah wood Max Landis Responds to Lax Mandis Black List Script

Coming out to respond to anyone who would criticize his actions as a prominent person in Hollywood is certainly nothing new, but the fact that Landis took special offense to the fact that Spector’s script will “take the spot of some other actual script with an actual story” in the eyes of the public is interesting, to say the very least. It’s always nice to know that someone as prominent as Landis has a sense of self-deprecating humor – as evidenced by his enthusiasm for a prior screenplay that featured a “Max Landis” character who got “killed as a joke in a terrorist attack on a gay orgy” – though many are no doubt wondering if Landis had any particular screenwriters of promising talent in mind over Spector.

Landis will probably continue to draw attention and ire from fans and critics alike, and his consistent use of social media will undoubtedly propagate his fame and notoriety even further. On that note, maybe the “Untitled Lax Mandis Project” – or something else like it – will finally get made in order to lampoon the Hollywood icon in much the same way that Funny or Die did to Donald Trump in Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie.


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