Marvel Studios Boss Teases Many More Spider-Man Costume Abilities

Marvel Studios Boss Teases Many More Spider-Man Costume Abilities
 Marvel Studios Boss Teases Many More Spider Man Costume Abilities

The question on every fan’s mind now, is, what are the other additions to the costume? There’s of course a long list of tech from the comics that Spidey has employed, from tracking devices to a belt-buckle flashlight in the image of his face. In fact, the tag at the end of Civil War featured a very similar looking projection with the note that teased Stark would be reuniting with Peter. There’s also the possibilty of some upgrades to the web shooters Spider-Man uses. Perhaps Stark’s new additions will enable Peter to bust out some comic book classics, like the web parachute or some web bolas. It’d also be helpful if the suit helped protect Peter from burns and bullets, as he’s sure to come into contact with a lot of both as he navigates his new role of crime fighter.

Whatever upgrades the suit has, they’re sure to come in handy when Spidey faces off against the horrifying new threat of Michael Keaton’s The Vulture. Perhaps some different vision modes in his shutter-like eye pieces will help him track his flying foe. Whatever the new tech, we know both Tony and Happy Hogan will be in Homecoming, so we’re sure to get plenty of hilarious moments where Peter discovers some of his new gadgets and Tony tries not to gloat to hard.

Stay tuned for the premiere of the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and let us know in the comments what gadgets from the comics you hope Spidey’s new suit has.


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