Marvel Releases Superhero-Themed Yule Log Videos

Marvel Releases Superhero-Themed Yule Log Videos

Those looking for something more Norse in décor can soak in the cheer of Thor’s Asgardian bonfire:

For an exotic but jolly outpost, fans crunch on Christmas cookies from the hold of the Milano:

And last, but certainly not least, superhero boosters can also get extra-meta for the holidays with Iron Man’s simulated fire from his simulated Manhattan apartment:

Clearly, Marvel took a cue from the wealth of yule log videos available on the internet. Inviting the MCU into their holiday home is a fun way for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite superheroes. Who wouldn’t enjoy warming their feet by Ms. Marvel’s fire or sipping on a spiced cider while Steve Rogers’ mantle flickers in the background – “say…is that the Power Stone gleaming, or is it just a trick of the light?” In all seriousness, the addition of character-specific props really give the yule videos a shared-universe touch.

Of course, there is one minor (semi-serious) curiosity here: Does a shot of her hearth mean Ms. Marvel is officially a part of the MCU? “Fireside Heroes” may be a long ways from canon, but it would be a terrific tease of Kamala Khan’s entry into the live-action world – assuming the House of Ideas is feeling extra generous this Christmas. No matter what, ‘Fireside Heroes’ makes keeping the wifi fires burning a whole lot more daring (depending upon the family, that is).


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