Mark Wahlberg Not Attached To Uncharted Movie

Mark Wahlberg Not Attached To Uncharted Movie
nathandrake2 Mark Wahlberg Not Attached To Uncharted Movie

On Monday, the Transformers: The Last Knight star officially squashed any lingering rumors that he’d be taking on the role of Drake — or any other, for that matter. During an interview with We Got This Covered, Wahlberg confirmed he was no longer on board. “As of now, no, I’m not attached,” he said. “If I was, you would have heard about it.” That doesn’t mean he won’t be approached at a later date, but the response to his potential role was mixed, so Levy may want to opt for someone who will hit stronger with players. As he told Collider:

“[I’ve been pitched] every actor who is ruggedly handsome, which is to say every movie star, and who looks anything like the square-jawed, chiseled-featured Drake. I’m not actually going to base my casting on Twitter suggestions. Maybe I’ve even said the name in this room; who knows?”

The singular “name” would seem to imply Levy has a specific person in mind, but he isn’t giving away any clues. The could go the big name route a la Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed, or maybe he’ll look to Nathan Fillion, who at one point campaigned for the role. Nonetheless, Drake is known for his distinctive personality, and the Uncharted fan base is fervent, so it will need to be a careful choice. For now, fans will simply have to wait for the announcement with bated breath.


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